Amazon Campaign Management

Amazon is the fastest growing advertisement channel advertising with Amazon can help you grow your brand and reach the targeted customers searching for goods like yours. In accordance to your brand business needs, we plan a custom campaign mix to go around your competitors and excel in your marketing goals with our advertising, you can track your campaigns with our Campaign Manager tools and reports. You can monitor that how much you’re spending for clicks on your ads, target keywords shoppers are using, and measure the impression of your campaigns. You can also monitor and alter your budget and bids at any time to see what’s working well, and to test new keywords.

Sponsored Products is a advertising program that helps you to promote the products you list on amazon.You can also choose which products to advertise, assign keywords or product attributes to target, and enter a cost-per-click amount. We operate on a cost-per-click pricing model, and you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad. When a shopper searches for your product, your ad is eligible for display. When shoppers click your Sponsored Product, they will be directed to the product detail page along with advertised product.

Sponsored Brands will build marketing momentum and increase the demand of your products. The banner-style ad allows you to express your brand message by using logos, customiz¬able ad copy, and featured products. When buyers will click your Sponsored Brand they will be directed to Amazon Store for your brand or any external page that shows your product details on Amazon

Product Display Ads can boost prominence for your products by linking to an Amazon product detail page and can target your competitor’s products. Product Display Ads are all about displaying similar products, relevant categories, or interest groups. Amazon can build ads for you or you can use your own creative too.